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kindergarden in Dimeka

What are we working on now?

Construction of a kindergarden in Dimeka

The population of Dimeka have been between 2015 and 2017 with no possibility of schooling, so the delay in literacy has been remarkable.

The project consists of the construction of a kindergarden on land assigned to the mission by the town hall, in part thanks to the intervention of Gamo Gofa


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Summer camps

Gamo Gofa has organized several summer camps for children and young people in some of the areas where it is present. The camps are carried out thanks to the different volunteers who, each year, contribute their time and resources.


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We work to give a future for children of Ethiopia

Access to education

Possibility of having a childhood

One meal guaranteed per day

Solidarity trips

Discover the landscapes and culture of Ethiopia while doing social work.

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We facilitate, to the extent of our possibilities, education for children in Ethiopia with small and concrete projects, such as: the creation and maintenance of some kindergarden, summer camps or educational talks for girls.



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