First proyecto: Lemate Orphanage

Lemate Orphanage, founded by Kasech Kebede, an Ethiopian woman born in the area who was a teacher, provides schooling assistance for some 350 boys and girls a year.

Lemate Orphanage, is named for helping mainly orphans and, although it is not really a home for any of them, if it is a central point of reference in their lives and Kasech an example of effort and hope.

The main goal of the Association in this project of collaboration with Lemate Orphanage,
was to guarantee the existence of sufficient means so that children between 3 and 18 years old can go to school.

The first project of Gamo-Gofa D.A. helped Kasech with funds to:

• Maintenance of the activity of Lemate Kindergarden.
• School materials, uniforms, etc., that allow schooling in public schools for orphans or children in extreme poverty.
• Occupational training workshops for some adolescents.
• Urgent aspects of health or health care of children.
• Summer camps
This project stopped requiring the help of Gamo Gofa DA in 2017, having found local sponsors.


Some information of interest

Lemate Orphanage it works as an official NGO in Ethiopia. It is not an orphanage in the usual European sense of the word, as children do not sleep or live there.

The  main problem of the orphanage is the lack of resources and the lack of funds to meet daily needs.

The goal of Gamo Gofa D.A. it is, among others, to seek and obtain funds to ensure that the local NGO stays in operation and, in this way, contribute to children’s ownership of their future.

Although basic education is free in Ethiopia, children should buy their own exercise books, pens, and, from 4th grade, the uniforms that are compulsory in schools in the area (and almost the whole country). Many of the children and teenagers Kasech helps at Lemate Orphanage do not even have money to buy a pen. Lemate Orphanage, except in exceptional occasions (like end of course or Christmas), does not provide food to children.



We facilitate, to the extent of our possibilities, education for children in Ethiopia with small and concrete projects, such as: the creation and maintenance of some kindergarden, summer camps or educational talks for girls.



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