What is Gamo-Gofa

Gamo-Gofa is a non-profit association focused on the wonderful country of Ethiopia, in East Africa.

It all started in 2010, following a volunteer trip to southern Ethiopia with the Banesto Foundation. That experience definitely changed our lives, as did many of the children we met in Lemate (Arba Minch), Dadhim (Yabelo) and Dimeka. It was this last thing that led us to continue collaborating in these sites since then.

In this way, Carolina Gallurralde, Elena Rasero and Nacho Barroso created the Gamo-Gofa Development Association. We have always thought that living the three so enriching experience, and being able to check the important needs that children had in that country, was what pushed us to make one of our dreams come true: to create the Association.

Everything started with a lot of effort, but little by little more and more people were deluded with our project, incorporating as special people as Ana Rios, Isaías Hernández, Esther Crespo and some others that you will see in our photos.

Since then, our goal is to teach as many children as possible, because we firmly believe that education is the best medicine to have a future. And we believe that we will achieve it. Do you help us?

About us

A group of dreamers with a common goal: to give a future through education, to as many children as possible in a country as special as Ethiopia.

Elena Rasero

President and co-founder of the Association. He travels to Ethiopia every year once or twice, since 2010. Collaborate in many of the summer camps that we do every year. Its objective is to make the project known in each place where it goes.

Ignacio Barroso

Vice President and co-founder of the Association. He has been involved in the project since 2010, providing the much needed logistics and raising funds and partners, without which this cause could not exist.

Ana Rios

Secretary of the Association. He began collaborating sporadically until in 2014 his commitment became full, after experiencing the amount of smiles that managed to create in the children of Ethiopia. Travel together with Elena Rasero every year to Ethiopia to review the projects of the association or find new ones.

Isaías Hernández

Treasurer of the Association. He was the first person to make a donation to Gamo Gofa. Since 2014 he has been several times in Ethiopia, both to see the projects and as a volunteer, especially in the summer camps.

Esther Fernández

Collaborator very committed. She has been helping since 2016, the year in which, together with Isaias, they made the first summer camp. He has taken care of several of them, as well as seeking help for the web and everything he can to improve the work of the Association.

Our Heroes

They help us there so that everything works

Kasech Kebede

School teacher who created the kindergarden of Lemate at first and looked for help to, as she calls it, “her orphans”.
She is a woman with extraordinary strength and personality (a true African breast). He goes out of his way for the children and for carrying out his project.


Also Ethiopian, is responsible for everything to work in the mission of Arba Minch and other areas. It is responsible for the management of social projects. It is the person of the mission that we have known for a longer time and in which we fully trust so that our project comes to a successful conclusion.

Tony y Ken

Responsible in different moments of the mission of Dadhim. Both have helped in the mission camps and have been great hosts for our volunteers. Thanks to them, the camps have been a success and the mission continues to function.


Dutch Don Quixote, 78, who defines himself as Ethiopian. He has lived for more than forty years in Yabelo in southern Ethiopia, where he founded (after a year in a tent in the middle of the savanna) the first Catholic mission in the area. He fights every day with nails and teeth for his students. He contributes his pension and seeks funds among his acquaintances in Holland for the project to continue.


Ethiopian of birth and heart. Before he had one of the southern schools, he is now responsible for the Mission of Arba Minch. He is one of our firmest collaborators in whom we trust and believe.


This funny Cameroonian, is responsible for the complicated mission of Dimeka, in the area of ​​the Hammer tribe. He is responsible for the day to day of our new kindergarden project.

What do we do

From Gamo-Gofa we work on different projects that seek to help and promote the education of the most needy in Africa: children.

Our main objective is to help the development by facilitating the schooling of children and youth in Ethiopia, a different country in Africa, in need of help and full of possibilities.

How we finance ourselves

We finance ourselves thanks to your help, for us it would be impossible to move forward if it were not for all of you. We have income from partners, punctual collaborators and the money that is drawn from the charitable events we do.

Gamo Gofa D.A. It allocates 99% of its income to the projects we have in Ethiopia
. All of us who collaborate are volunteers, that is, nobody charges anything from the Association, nor those who take part in the organization, nor volunteers from the summer camps.



We facilitate, to the extent of our possibilities, education for children in Ethiopia with small and concrete projects, such as: the creation and maintenance of some kindergarden, summer camps or educational talks for girls.



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