Solidarity initiatives

In Gamo Gofa we believe that collaboration always enriches, being permanently attentive and open to listen to new initiatives and ideas.


In this sense, both our volunteers, as friends and collaborators, have always provided us with new possibilities both for raising funds and for improving our events or projects in Ethiopia.


Do you have any idea? We hear you …

Solidarity ideas

In Gamo Gofa we believe that the imagination must be in power, especially when we talk about helping the most needy. Do you want to have a solidary idea, but you can not think of anything? Here we leave some cool ideas that we have found in The Network to inspire you.

Do you already have an idea? So, what are you waiting for? We are looking forward to reading … Contact us through the contact form or through with the subject “Super idea of ​​solidarity”: -)

The solidary refrigerator

We love this idea It emerged in Spain, in Galdakao (Basque Country), and in the simplest way possible, with the installation of a small refrigerator in the street, and the solidarity of all the neighbors, it has become a food bank for the most needy of the area. Simple, but effective, do not you think?

Pending coffees

This is a solidary idea that is not new, since it was born in the Italian city of Naples more than three centuries ago, however during the crisis, the action has become popular in some places. It is that when you pay your coffee at any cafeteria, you leave another one for when a person comes who can not pay for it. Very beautiful, right?

Solidarity apples

It’s another neighborhood action. In this case, an entire block of neighbors in a neighborhood takes over one family in need. In this way, a bond is created with this family and the community of neighbors and you verify in the day to day how that family goes ahead thanks to the solidarity of all the neighbors.

Do you have a great idea?



We facilitate, to the extent of our possibilities, education for children in Ethiopia with small and concrete projects, such as: the creation and maintenance of some kindergarden, summer camps or educational talks for girls.



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