Summer Camps

Gamo gofa to date has held camps in the Kindergarten of Arba Minch (2015 and 2016) and in the school of Dadhim (2016 and 2017).
This year, if we have enough volunteers, in addition to Dadhim, as our new project is in Dimeka, we would like to be able to do one there as well.

The volunteers carry out a mixture of typical activities of camp monitor (sports, games …) and teacher (English class, other subjects, crafts …). You have to take a lot of things organized from Spain, but then there sometimes you have to make changes and always prepare the day before the next day (materials, material, activities …).

Regarding logistical issues, volunteers fly to Addis from where they usually take another internal flight (although it can be a bus or rental car) to Arba Minch, which is where the Catholic Mission is located.

From Arba Minch volunteers travel by car to Dadhim or Dimeka. The trip lasts about 5 hours.

We went on to describe the three places mentioned above, and then other topics that we consider useful when going.

Arba Minch

It is a fairly large town or small town by Ethiopian standards that counts about 450 km south of Addis Ababa (the capital). & Nbsp; It has an airport and it is flown directly from Addis. It can also be reached by bus (decent to be third world) or car. It has university, hospital, several tourist hotels, restaurants, a national park … That is to say, being very, very Ethiopian, it is a “reasonably” civilized place with some infrastructure and interesting tourism (crocodiles, hippos and birds in the lakes, safari by the Park).

It is the last site of a certain size before entering the area of ​​the southern tribes. It is easy to go out to dinner or have a drink and go trekking or sightseeing in the lake and the national park. The landscapes are spectacular from some places and you can also visit the tribes of the nearby mountain Chencha and Dorze with its wonderful views, interesting constructions and fabrics.

The Mission of Arba Minch has reasonable facilities and Father Kilimpe is charming and very efficient. In general volunteers can have a room with shower and bathroom inside that usually work more or less (in general if, sometimes not) depending on whether there is water and such things. It may touch someone to share if there are many people or touch a room without a shower, but it is not usual. They give you breakfast, lunch and dinner (if you want) very well and varied. The recommendation is some days at least go out to dinner or have a few beers in one of the restaurants in the city. There is good fish by the nearby lakes. There is usually wifi and phone coverage in the Mission.


The best description is “a farmhouse in the middle of the bush” in the Borana tribe area. That is, it is isolated in the facilities of the mission and the school. The nearest town (and that you can find on the map) is Yabelo or Yebelo about 45 minutes by car.

The area is very beautiful and you cross with the students when they go to take care of the corn fields. You can walk around and go trekking to the nearby mountain with beautiful views. It is common for Father Toni to take you to visit some of the nearby Borana villages in one of his periodic visits (it is very interesting). To go to Dadhim, first you have to go through Arba Minch because from there the cars will leave.

The Dhadim Mission has reasonable facilities and Father Ken is welcoming and fun. In general volunteers can have a room for them but with shower and shared bathroom that usually work more or less (in general if, sometimes not) depending on whether there is water, electricity (there is a generator) and those things. It may touch someone to share if there are many people. They give you breakfast, lunch and dinner very well and varied.

Someday you will surely go to Yabelo so that you can take a walk, see the market and connect to the internet. There is NO wifi or phone coverage in Dhadim, except, depending on where, with the local operator.


It is the largest city in the region inhabited by the Hammer tribe, although for us it would be no more than a small town. It is located southwest of Ethiopia.

The facilities of the mission are very basic but sufficient, although it will be necessary to see how the volunteers lodge if they are more than 3.

Water is not always available and there may be power outages. They have wifi, as long as there is power …

Father Cyrille is very nice, sometimes it can be too spiritual, but he will always try to help you. He speaks English, French and some Spanish, plus of course Amarico and something from Hammer.

They can take you to visit some of the schools in the area, they may also take you to a Hammer house. If so, they may offer you their delicious honey, one of the bases of their economy, as well as coffee.

The life of the Hammers is very hard and they rarely smile but when they do they are really authentic smiles.



We facilitate, to the extent of our possibilities, education for children in Ethiopia with small and concrete projects, such as: the creation and maintenance of some kindergarden, summer camps or educational talks for girls.



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