Construction of a Kindergarden in Dimeka - Hammer Zone

Dimeka is in the south west of the country, in an area inhabited mainly by people of the Hammer tribe. This is an area in which the central government hardly invests, and there is a significant lack of infrastructure.

The village has a unique kindergarden that is in terrible conditions and in which around 2/3 of children do not fit . The Catholic Mission of Dimeka (Congregation Spiritans) is temporarily providing facilities for classes to be held (also precarious)



According to official data, about 150 children of the more than 350 of school age are currently attending the kindergarten classes. The levels and conditions of schooling are very low. The problem has been increased by the fact that schools in the area have been closed for more than two years due to central-Hammer problems.

It is necessary to build adequate facilities where there is capacity for at least 150 children who are registered as assistants. The town hall and government representatives in the area are willing to give the Mission some land for that purpose.



Gamo Gofa, in collaboration with the missionaries, is going to start the construction of the facilities

The Kindergarden will be managed by the Spiritans, as they already do with schools in other areas (Yabelo, Dadhim, Dubloc ...)

The works will begin as soon as the permits and licenses are completed.

They will be cement constructions, at least the classrooms and the toilets. Depending on the funds raised, we can:

  • Build classrooms with enough capacity for all children (if not, we will do what we can and we will build more in the future). Prevision of 4 classrooms with capacity for 40 children.
  • Build the rest / dining room (depending on the funds available, cement will be made from the beginning or not)
  • It will be necessary to provide them with benches and tables, blackboards, etc.

The goal is to be ready so that the classes of the following school year 2018-2019 can be started

News - March 2019

The materials are arriving



And they begin to dig the ditches where the foundations will go


We already have the foundations and we continue to build



Our kindergarden is ready!!

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